Man of Steel: it steals the show (gross)

Ok, so the title is horribly pathetic but it made you laugh a little bit right? 😛

Superman in handcuffs

Man of Steel being “held” by human handcuffs LOL! (Apologies for the LOL,  just thought it suited the caption)

After the  mess that was Superman Returns I was scared for the future of Superman movies. I feared the most recognisable comic book hero would fade from public memory, spurned by the ones who once loved him so…but my fears were alleviated when I watched Man of Steel! 😀

Christopher Nolan, the director of the Dark Knight trilogy, was a producer for the movie (which is kinda like directing but you get less fame and glory), and the director was Zack Snyder (the man responsible for 300 and the awesome Watchmen). So from the beginning the film was in capable hands. Henry Cavill, the man who plays Superman, does a good job of portraying the god amongst men. Like Batman Returns, it’s a retelling of the origin of Superman. The personal growth and transformation you see Kal-El go through (Clark’s Kryptonian name) is reasonably well done and gets you invested in his story. Lois Lane was perfectly adequate but not anything super special and Lawrence Fishburne’s role as the editor of the Daily Planet is nicely done. The bad guy, played by Michael Shannon, is sufficiently bad but rather well played, as one can almost understand his reasons for doing what he does (despite his rather un-badass haircut).

Ok, so actors – good, story – good. Let’s get down to brass tacks here: is the action amazing enough to be worthy of the Superman legacy?…the answer is a rather resounding yes. There are lots of scenes, too many to mention all of them here but there are a few noteworthy ones: near the beginning Clark is still trying find himself and whathaveyou, and is busy working on a fishing boat near the arctic ocean when the boat gets a distress call from a nearby oil rig. The scenes culminates with Superman saving a helicopter by holding up half the rig, with buckling steel and fire all around it brings out the desperation Superman feels (not being at full strength yet) as he’s trying to save peoples’ lives. The other one I feel is worth mentioning is in the middle of the movie when Superman first encounters the bad guys. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but that was a redonkulous scene, kept my mouth hanging wide open the whole time. So check on awesome action.

Taking into account Superman being…well…super, there aren’t too many glaring inaccuracies, but here are the ones I noticed [SPOILER ALERT]:

  • How did the 20 000 year old scout ship have all that stuff for the 30 year old Superman?
  • Superman punches a hole in the side of a spaceship, resulting in the atmosphere being lost but yet he can still talk to a hologram…hmmm.
  • X-rays don’t work quite like they do in the movie.

[SPOILER ENDED] As always, if I missed any let me know and I’ll edit the post and give you suitable glory and status 🙂

There’s not much more I can say apart from I feel this would be an entertaining movie to Superman fans and general movie goers alike. It gets my recommendation.