Man of Steel: it steals the show (gross)

Ok, so the title is horribly pathetic but it made you laugh a little bit right? πŸ˜›

Superman in handcuffs

Man of Steel being “held” by human handcuffs LOL! (Apologies for the LOL, Β just thought it suited the caption)

After the Β mess that was Superman Returns I was scared for the future of Superman movies. I feared the most recognisable comic book hero would fade from public memory, spurned by the ones who once loved him so…but my fears were alleviated when I watched Man of Steel! πŸ˜€

Christopher Nolan, the director of the Dark Knight trilogy, was a producer for the movie (which is kinda like directing but you get less fame and glory), and the director was Zack Snyder (the man responsible for 300 and the awesome Watchmen). So from the beginning the film was in capable hands. Henry Cavill, the man who plays Superman, does a good job of portraying the god amongst men. Like Batman Returns, it’s a retelling of the origin of Superman. The personal growth and transformation you see Kal-El go through (Clark’s Kryptonian name) is reasonably well done and gets you invested in his story. Lois Lane was perfectly adequate but not anything super special and Lawrence Fishburne’s role as the editor of the Daily Planet is nicely done. The bad guy, played by Michael Shannon, is sufficiently bad but rather well played, as one can almost understand his reasons for doing what he does (despite his rather un-badass haircut).

Ok, so actors – good, story – good. Let’s get down to brass tacks here: is the action amazing enough to be worthy of the Superman legacy?…the answer is a rather resounding yes. There are lots of scenes, too many to mention all of them here but there are a few noteworthy ones: near the beginning Clark is still trying find himself and whathaveyou, and is busy working on a fishing boat near the arctic ocean when the boat gets a distress call from a nearby oil rig. The scenes culminates with Superman saving a helicopter by holding up half the rig, with buckling steel and fire all around it brings out the desperation Superman feels (not being at full strength yet) as he’s trying to save peoples’ lives. The other one I feel is worth mentioning is in the middle of the movie when Superman first encounters the bad guys. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but that was a redonkulous scene, kept my mouth hanging wide open the whole time. So check on awesome action.

Taking into account Superman being…well…super, there aren’t too many glaring inaccuracies, but here are the ones I noticed [SPOILER ALERT]:

  • How did the 20 000 year old scout ship have all that stuff for the 30 year old Superman?
  • Superman punches a hole in the side of a spaceship, resulting in the atmosphere being lost but yet he can still talk to a hologram…hmmm.
  • X-rays don’t work quite like they do in the movie.

[SPOILER ENDED] As always, if I missed any let me know and I’ll edit the post and give you suitable glory and status πŸ™‚

There’s not much more I can say apart from I feel this would be an entertaining movie to Superman fans and general movie goers alike. It gets my recommendation.



Fast & Furious 6: Fantastic

Ok, so months ago I said I’d be back after my hiatus…I’m sorry I blatantly and out-right lied, fibbed and deceived with that statement. But I’m here to tell you I’m back. This time for good (for realsies though, exams are coming up which means I’ll be in prime blogging mindset :P).

I’m here to kick it off with a bang. The biggest, baddest bang I’ve seen for a long time: Fast & Furious 6.

Fast & Furious 6 crew

Fast & Furious 6 crew

Let me start by saying that this was the awesomeness I had hoped for from Iron Man 3 (but more on that in another post). It really is my favourite movie of the year so far (Django UnchainedΒ included).

Quick review: the crew from Fast 5 are all back (excluding two smaller parts) and in tippy top condition here. It has The Rock delivering a fine performance as maverick secret (not really though) agent in charge of looking after Vin Diesel and his crew. All the man characters in the cast give a fine performance in fact. No one is going to win an Oscar, but I didn’t cringe at any point either, and Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot (the ex Mossad agent) all coming across as badass. The story line is what you’d expect from a Fast and Furious movie, quite an adequate excuse for all the action.

And with regards top the action: it’s there in spadefuls. Explosive, fiery, awesome spadefuls. The first half of the movie works more on the story, with a few car chases thrown in for good measure. But when the action starts off in the second half it goes all out, surpassing even Fast 5’s final sequences in intensity and scale (yeah, including the safe-dragging bit). I don’t want to give too much away because half the fun is the incredulity you experience at what they get up to next, but the tank scene blew. My. Mind. And the final fight was filled with so much testosterone that it makes any Rocky or RamboΒ look like girl scouts selling cookies on a lazy Sunday.

In conclusion: it won’t win any Oscars, but it’s escapism at its finest. But more than that, it’s just plain fun. Definitely recommend it if you like action, are moderately into cars and/or enjoyed any of the previous ones.

Right, now onto the scientific inaccuracies (SPOILER ALERT):

  • Just before the tank scene the cable slung across the road would not have stopped that truck. Momentum people!
  • The cable attached to the tank would not have flipped it over, not in a million years. Battle tanks weigh upwards of 50 tons, a little 2 ton car on a rope is going to do jack.
  • The runway at the end of the movie by my calculations (assuming a takeoff speed of 250km/h based on a plane of that size) the runway would have to be about 63 km long…yeah right. Even though I’m not an aeronautical engineer I can’t be off my more than 10 km either way. To put it into perspective a fully laden Galaxy requires 2500m to take off. And the world’s longest runway is 5,5km long.
  • And in the runway scene about 5 cars manage to hold down a Galaxy sized airplane…pull the other one mate, a Galaxy can take off with 380 tons.

As always, if I left out anything or you have anything to add leave a comment please πŸ™‚ my next post will be up soon!!


An amateur scientific look: Django Unchained

Django wallpaper

A badass Jamie Foxx in a badass movie

Ok, so it’s taken me a while to get back to writing, but I saw this movie and had to write about it πŸ˜€

Quick review: it’s Quentin Tarantino. You either like his work or you don’t. As far as his films go, my favourite is Pulp Fiction πŸ™‚ That’s a classic, with Samuel Jackson giving a sterling performance alongside Bruce Willis and John Travolta. I enjoyed Kill Bill Vol. I & II. I enjoyed Inglorious Basterds. But Django has got to be my second best. It’s a spaghetti Western, so lots of blood, a harsh but realistic use of the word n*gger, and some sweet action scenes πŸ™‚ Jamie Foxx is brilliant as the titular Django, along an excellent show from Oscar winning Chrisoph Waltz as his boss/sidekick.

Scientific inaccuracies:

  • Human bodies do not contain that much blood.
  • Human bodies do not fly like that when hit by bullets.
  • That amount of dynamite would not create that big of an explosion
  • Guns of those days were not that accurate

You’ll understand those four points when you see the movie πŸ™‚ And hopefully they help explain what the movie is like πŸ˜›

Die Hard 5 is coming out this week, on Valentine’s day I think, John McClane will keep me company πŸ˜›