The Olympics (!)

20120 London olympics

So much better than the other silly logo

I recently had the awesome (if extremely short) experience of watching the men’s 100m final of the 2012 Olympics. Living in a residence means that my access to television is limited, so it’s for special occasions that I venture forth from my cave to watch TV, especially sports. So it was with great anticipation I sat down to watch Usain Bolt and 7 other chaps compete for one of the two pinnacles of sporting prowess. Before I go any further let me explain that last bit: any Olympian has the right to be extremely proud of themselves, Β they are among the best of the best at what they do. Medalists even more so; they are the best of the best. But when it comes to pure human athleticism, nothing is quite like long distance/endurance sports like 10 000m+ running, and nothing is quite like intense speed races, such as the 100m. The sprinters are the fastest people in recorded competitions , while the distance chaps (and chappesses) are the fittest. These are the two peaks of pure human physical prowess. These people are survival of the fittest at its peak (well, not in modern society perhaps but back when we all roamed plains and woods and such these guys and girls would have had multiple mates).

Leonardo's perfect human

It’s not about proportion in the Olympics, it’s about heart and determination, but you get the drift

So as I eagerly awaited the beginning of the 100m men’s final (sorry ladies but the world we live in today is still sexist; sorry long distance fans but a race is longer than my attention span) I watched the runners’ routines as they were announced. Most of them come off pretty arrogant; which they are. And to be fair, it’s entertaining, and they have a right to be (within reason). But I have seen Bolt interviewed on Top Gear, and while he was cocky, he wasn’t a supreme kn*b. So I decided I’d back him. When the gun went off everyone around me lept up and started cheering, pulling me along with them in their excitement. Boy, Usain Bolt is quick. I promise he was at the back of the field before 40m in it seemed like he suddenly put in effort. He sprinted past the other guys coming in for an easy first. I would post a link for you to watch it if you missed it but as of now I can not find a good-quality video.

So apart from my favourite event, the Olympics really are amazing. Not even in the soccer world cup is such a unity seen amongst nations (far too much bad blood between players and soccer clubs and stuff). In the Olympics people congratulate each other every single time. Heck, I even saw a South Korean and a North Korean shake hands amicably, knowing they had both laid down their metaphorical rifles to come in peace and participate at the table of human civilisation.

N. Korea congratulates S. korea

South Korea’s Ryu Seung-min, right, shakes hands with North Korea’s Kim Hyok Bong following their table tennis match on Saturday.

So in conclusion, I recommend you watch a couple of matches (finals are generally the best), even if it’s just sport you enjoy. Heck, I’ve only watched the archery, some swimming, and the guys’ 100m. But I enjoyed them all πŸ™‚



Mini-review: The Dark Knight Rises, and a side note on the Olympics

Dark Knight Rises characters

Yes. This is my current wallpaper

EDIT: I have no idea how I so callously forgot about the Colorado shootings when I wrote this blog, and so I apologise profusely and sincerely and Β I send out condolences, sympathies and prayers from myself along with all other South Africans who heard of it.

I know I said previously that I wouldn’t review movies as such because I don’t think I have that particular talent, but I’d like to watch a second time while I’m calmer, but I’d just like to say a short piece about The Dark Knight Rises. Β πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Now moving on to the Olympics. Just kidding. But that’s all you really need to know. If you liked the previous two you will find this the most fitting ending to best Batman story line yet. All the regulars appear again in the final movie of the trilogy (note: it’s NOT triology), with the exception of The Joker, which I can understand. But there was talk of using some unused footage from The Dark Knight and a bit of CGI. I think it would have been nice to see the Joker, even just for a “cameo” as a nod to Heath Ledger. But I’m sure Christopher Nolan had his reasons πŸ™‚

At just over 2h30m the movie does feel a bit long, since the beginning feels a tad long, but by the end you will be so engaged you forget all about it. I couldn’t take Anne Hathaway too seriously as Catwoman, but I still do not have any complaints. The rest of the cast was stellar as per usu (no idea how to make it come across as what I want to sound like), with Christian Bale giving his very good Batman performance, moving me with his plight. But a special mention must be made about Tom Hardy as Bane. Even though you never really see his face, or hear what he is saying half the time, his body language alone is amazing. You really feel his power and hatred. And if he did the voice himself well done to him (I blame poor post production for the lack of clarity). He is definitely a worthy, B.A.D.A.S.S. adversary for Batman. While the Joker was frightening in a psychopathic way, Bane is completely sane and entirely devoid of empathy, and more than a physical match for Batman.

Batman’s gadgets are obviously present, with a cool new addition from the Bat. Watch it and you’ll know what I mean πŸ˜‰ The fight scenes are quite well done, the CGI is just amazing, and the scale of some of the scenes just incedible like the one in the football stadium…And this is why I don’t write reviews, I run out of steam halfway…I’ll finish off saying if you like action movies, superhero movies, Batman, or movies that comment on what people do under the direst of circumstances and how they are sometimes prepared to fight back, kick ass and take names then this is for you.

This post is already sitting at 463 words, so I’ll stop this post and make a separate one for the Olympics, they are important enough to deserve their own post. It’ll hopefully be up soon πŸ™‚