postulation n. – (logic) a declaration of something self-evident; something that can be assumed as the basis for argument

I’m currently studying at the University of Pretoria, majoring in awesomeness, minoring in civil engineering (well that’s the dream anyway). And most importantly, I’m a Jesus freak first and foremost. I know I’m not an qualified engineer just yet (I’m in 3rd year), but I’ve got vacation work lined up, and if I get paid I’ll be professional! My posts are generally written from a liberal-conservative point of view (that doesn’t make sense I know, but bare with me), meaning I’ve been raised but rather conservative parents, so I’m conservative in my actions, liberal in my acceptance of people.

I love science fiction above all things in this world, which may explain why I’m gay for all things Star Wars. I also like ninjas. Reading takes me to my happy place, especially Terry Pratchet.


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    • Thanks 🙂 I thought I’d try my hand at the whole blogging thing. I’m a bookaholic, so fo sho I’d subscribe. Thanks for stopping by 😀

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