An amateur scientific look: Django Unchained

Django wallpaper

A badass Jamie Foxx in a badass movie

Ok, so it’s taken me a while to get back to writing, but I saw this movie and had to write about it 😀

Quick review: it’s Quentin Tarantino. You either like his work or you don’t. As far as his films go, my favourite is Pulp Fiction 🙂 That’s a classic, with Samuel Jackson giving a sterling performance alongside Bruce Willis and John Travolta. I enjoyed Kill Bill Vol. I & II. I enjoyed Inglorious Basterds. But Django has got to be my second best. It’s a spaghetti Western, so lots of blood, a harsh but realistic use of the word n*gger, and some sweet action scenes 🙂 Jamie Foxx is brilliant as the titular Django, along an excellent show from Oscar winning Chrisoph Waltz as his boss/sidekick.

Scientific inaccuracies:

  • Human bodies do not contain that much blood.
  • Human bodies do not fly like that when hit by bullets.
  • That amount of dynamite would not create that big of an explosion
  • Guns of those days were not that accurate

You’ll understand those four points when you see the movie 🙂 And hopefully they help explain what the movie is like 😛

Die Hard 5 is coming out this week, on Valentine’s day I think, John McClane will keep me company 😛



4 thoughts on “An amateur scientific look: Django Unchained

  1. I watched this recently and enjoyed it. It was very slow moving and I think a bit too long but it was very powerful in the way it portrayed its message.

    My favourite scene definitely has to be when he lets him pick any outfit he wants and he picks that horrifically pompous blue suit, simple because he’s never been allowed to wear anything like that, lol! Genius. 🙂

    • It was quite long Becky, I’ll admit. But I enjoyed all 3 hours of it 🙂 Hahaha that was a rather amusing scene! My favourite scene was in the beginning when the doctor freed Django, very well done I thought 🙂

  2. Nice review. It’s a bold, bloody masterpiece from Mr. Tarantino. It’s sad because I read an article recently that Mr. Tarantino is thinking about retiring from filmmaking in the future. While I respect his decision, it will be a sad day indeed.

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