Merry Christmas dear reader

nativity scene

I like this image, because it’s not a sweet, kitsch manger and a  European family, but a middle eastern family (which Jesus was) in a cave, which is what they actually used

I’d just like to wish you a merry Christmas, and I hope it was peaceful and joyous 🙂

I just thought I’d write a short post about the third most important day in the Christian calendar (following Good Friday and Easter Sunday). When Jesus died on the cross he saved us from our sin. This is a hard act to follow right? Wrong. Jesus did not have to live among us for him to save us from our sins. God could have sent him down to immediately die on the cross, much to the same effect. His death on the cross was him taking our place when we stand before God on judgement day. This does not rely on the life Jesus lived. Which brings us to Christmas.

Jesus was born to a virgin mother using some fancy miracle work by God. He was born a human, subject to the same things we are. But the reason all the carols speak about peace on earth is that Jesus came to show us how to Love (not love, Love). He lived a life of acceptance, not a single word of hate passed his lips. He came to bring love to the people on the fringes of society: orphans, widows, lepers, prostitutes, tax collectors, adulterers. He came to show EVERYONE lies within God’s great fold of love.

And so Christmas done properly has gifts and food, but most importantly: love, peace, and goodwill between humankind.



IT LIVES: Return of the sub-committee on pies chairman

Golemesque creature

This is how I feel after exams

First and foremost I’d like to apologise for my hiatus on the blog. Terribly sorry I haven’t posted in so long. Here’s a brief update into my life recently:

  • I wrote exams 😥
  • They were tough
  • I studied on campus most days, rather hard I might add
  • I celebrated my 21st birthday
  • I went on an outreach for a week and a half to an orphanage (I’ll make a dedicated post to it soon)
  • I discovered Assassin’s Creed 3
  • I passed all my exams! 😀
  • My bursary application was successful, meaning my studies are covered and I’ll have a job after I graduate
  • All the things above combine into next being year being my final year for undergrad! 😀

And those are a few of the reasons why I haven’t posted in a while. I also have tons of movies to look at, such as SkyfallCloud AtlasThe HobbitSeeking a friend for the end of the worldand whatever else I’ve watched recently. I’ll start on those ASAP (as in tomorrow), but it’s 23:55 GMT+2 right now and I’m off to bed. I just wanted to let you know I’m still alive 🙂