Science-y stuff (actual science is present this time): Total Recall and the Bourne Legacy

total recall and bourne legacy posters

Two movies with such potential: one lived up to it

Ok, it’s been a while since my last post for which I apologise. But that’s what happens when you attempt to study and pursue women at the same time. Heck, I’m writing this on my holiday! Anyhoo, I recently watched these two movies back to back one Sunday, which tired me out like crazy! Once in high school I watched 5 movies in one day at the local cheap-ticket cinema! I must be getting old 😛 I was really, REALLY looking forward to the Bourne film, afterall the previous trilogy was amaze-balls…but alas, this one disappointed me. It had all the action and intrigue, but the producers were so keen for yet another sequel and money that the ending was horrendous. It did not conclude anything story-wise except the final fight scene!…Total Recall was much better. The Arnie movie is a cult classic, and this managed to break fresh ground and be entertaining at the same time! And Colin Farrel is pretty badass in it. And it’s science fiction, giving me an automatic bias.

I must give credit to both movies: both were scientifically accurate. One would expect this from the Bourne film, based on its predecessors’ gritty, inglorious action sequences, but Total Recall did very well. If you accept that mag-cars are possible, and all that sci-fi jazz, then obeys Newton’s three laws well. The scene that comes to mind is a fight scene in zero-gravity. The protagonist fires his gun to move him around the room and dodge incoming fire and such, and I was thoroughly impressed at how it was done. And in the end, it concluded the story in a satisfying way!

While this post may not actually have mentioned scientific inaccuracies, it’s because both movies are pretty good about that kinda stuff. I’m watching the new Dredd film tonight, so we’ll see how that goes 🙂 and I’ll be sure to write about it this week!



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