Employment oh boy

I’ve just finished writing exams, and four days into my holiday it’s over already. I sit here the night before my first day of work (not proper, graduate work. It’s required for my degree. But still, I’m claiming it) really rather nervous. Finding a job these says can be tricky. Even though this isn’t a permanent position, I’m still lucky to get it. I have to make a good impression: I can’t be slovenly, I have to stand up straight, comb my hair and, gasp, shave. And stuff. In other words I have to pretend be grown up, and I’m not even comfortably out of my single digits’ mindset yet.

I’ve been passing university quite well I reckon, thinking I know my stuff. I probably do know my stuff, most of it anyway. But here I am wracked with doubt about my competence, all because my future may depend on it…there’s a scary thought. Now I’m even more frightened. I had originally planned on writing about the pressure placed upon the youth of today to obtain employment and that it isn’t all that big a deal. I was even going to offer some friendly advice. But I realised it wouldn’t make that much difference, certainly not from a fledgling like me, and it wouldn’t be particularly interesting anyway. So I’ll take solace in the fact that I’ll have more interesting things to blog about once I’ve got some work experience and work experiences worth sharing.



7 thoughts on “Employment oh boy

  1. Join the club Jer! I started yesterday! Its a damn frightening thing, being all grown up and wearing grown up clothes!

      • Still tryna get the hang of this blog thingie of urz. Missed this comment. I’m working in durbz at a consulting firm Delca Systems as a … Wait for it… Trainee civil techian.

        Do u own anything else but hoodies?

        I have to look semi decent and vaguely like a girl. Ho hum! But the working life definitely agrees with me. 🙂

      • Ah nice 🙂 Civil technician…pretty badass! I don’t like working 😦 Less free time that university :/

  2. Less time than uni? Is that even possible?

    I love work, I’m finding it so much better than tech. I don’t fear for my life or virtue anymore. And there are actually friendly people in durban. Shocker*

    Where u working?

    • Hahahahaha engineering does have a habit of sucking one dry. But yeah, I work 7 til 4 each day. So much longer than an average uni day 😛 I’m working at Jeffares and Green, they’re a consulting firm…FOUR MINUTES AWAY FROM MY HOUSE 😀 so my daily commute is awesome. Sorry for the long reply, but I haven’t quite figured out the whole system yet either

      • Yes it definitely sucks one dry. And strangely we keep going back for more.

        I work from 8-4:30 which means I miss the traffic, I work 10mins from my house. 😛 ( not sure how to do ur smiley faces so I’m improvising) Jeff n Green, not bad going. Nice large company. Do you have a means of chatting some other way, coz this is far too challenging. (Whatsapp? Bbm? Texting?) I forgot what a intriguing chap u are. Hehehe…

        Anyway, I eagerly await your next post! 🙂

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