Pop culture – Getting your nerd on

This is going to sound like a rave, but that’s what it is: why do people say they are going to “get [their] nerd on”? Especially when it comes to studying? As a nerd I find this offensive. It’s not a state of mind, it’s a lifestyle, but most importantly I find we, as nerds, tend to avoid studying at all costs so that we have more time for science-fiction and such nerd related goodness. Just because you have work to do in order for your life to progress successfully does not mean you are being nerdy! (And wearing silly hipster glasses does NOT make you a sexy nerd)



5 thoughts on “Pop culture – Getting your nerd on

  1. 100% agree, being a nerd is a lifestyle, not a fashion statement with those stupid god damn glasses! Unfortunately lots of people use it to just be deemed as cool these days, but we real nerds can pick them out and put them to shame 😀

    • Ah so true. Those dirty dirty hipster glasses drive me up the wall. And as someone who does need glasses (desperately), people who don’t that still wear them makes violently angry inside 😛 “Age of the [true] geek baby!” to quote Leverage. Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • Oh it definately would! 😛 I always get the sneaky temptation to snatch them off their stupid faces and snap them 😛 Some even walk around with the lenses popped out, its like WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT IN PUTTING THAT ON YOUR FACE?! D: No worries, thanks for subscribing to my blog! ^_^

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